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Madden 19 Patch Explains Game Scripting?



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20 thoughts on “Madden 19 Patch Explains Game Scripting?”

  1. This is the problem with SLIDERS and the entire Rookie to Pro to All Pro to All Madden. It is ALL WRONG!!!

    I've always been against spiders and never use them. If enhances the FAKENESS of the game and ALSO removes responsibility from the development team.

    Think about it. They have a system now to SHARE sliders.

  2. here is the email of the comish. Perhaps if we send him many emails about this issue , perhaps he will get EA to finally keep their promises for once because it is making the shit put out with the SHIELDS Stamp absoloute garbage

  3. I swear madden is fixed at certain points…1 half ill be destroying the defense "I play only QB in franchise mode" and then the second half none of my players can catch wide open passes… Also I rarely hand the ball off because RBs controlled by the computer can't seem to find the open hole ever…they run right to the damn other team smh madden pisses me off more then any other game… Also I wish we could have a friend get drafted to the same team as us and they control only their created character…smh if this was in madden I'd buy it…we need Coop connected franchise mode in madden asap

  4. As a pro madden player this is completely idiotic. You want your 65 overall end to shed my 99 overall left tackle? They timed down sheds becasue that was happening not becasue they fix the VIDEO GAME you weirdo

  5. I don't think you really understand the patch notes. Essentially this came down to a lvl 90 DLineman were winning a disproportionate number of blocking engagements with a lvl 90 Oline at the All-Madden level. Presumably this was primarily aimed at AI controlled O and D lines. Its not saying that a lvl 90 is suddenly no longer going to dominate a lvl 70 lineman – He still will, just at a more realistic frequency.

    That's not to say there aren't other issues with Madden, but this isn't one of them.

  6. So, in a basic sense, the game is going to dictate how well I run the ball? Listen, if I draft and build a team to shove the ball down people's throats, then by God that's what I want to do. Not have the game purposely rob my team's potential just because it's not where they'd like it. To hell with this franchise. It's hopeless.

  7. EA has no idea how to make a football game if they start from scratch with madden to make it better down the road the greedy bastards may not be able to push the same bullshit every year

  8. That's no surprise, but you can't talk about block shedding when the O-line just let's guys past them when the game needs a sack or a run stopped. The main issue for me certainly with Madden is just this. Player ratings is all that should matter when a block is shedded. It doesn't stop with 'block shedding' either. It's poor pass coverage, players running out of bounds when catching passes, turning towards defenders, it's everywhere. It's more like watching a movie than playing a game.

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