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Keyless Mercedes Stolen without key

Details about the feat:



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12 thoughts on “Keyless Mercedes Stolen without key”

  1. What about the newer benzs' ? Apparently a replacement key can only be obtained from the dealer. The key comes from Texas pre programmed and is unique to the individual car by vin no. Also these late model benz keys cannot be programmed by any locksmith. The cost with tax is $475.00

  2. They are using a device which detects signal from the electronic key of the car inside the house. So the one going near the front of the house takes the signal with the device he is holding. The device transfers the signal to the device held by the guy near the car. The signal is transferred to the car, thinking its his key.

  3. There are four simple ways to prevents this from happening. #1: Park your car in your garage #2 Don't buy keyless access as an extra #3 store your keys further away from your door #4 store your keys inside an aluminum/metal case to prevent the radio signal from leaking. Its as simple as that.

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