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NFS MW 2012 – POLICE VEHICLES Trainer/Hack (for v1.5.0.0) [PC]

Trainer available here: Trainer is for Need for Speed Most Wanted …



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29 thoughts on “NFS MW 2012 – POLICE VEHICLES Trainer/Hack (for v1.5.0.0) [PC]”

  1. hey man, I want to buy this trainer but I dont have a credit card, I want to pay with my steam wallet. Can I pay you with my steam wallet?

  2. i was planning on buying it, but i dont want to have software on my pc that might lock it up if i decide to change the hardware enough that it thinks its a different pc, however i do recognize its a great mod and would love to support if it that was no more

    also how does buying this work from a country that uses euro?

  3. Hey Sethioz, I am aware that it takes very hard work to develop such mods for money. I absolutely have no problem with the price. I might buy it sometime, the main question is: Does this mod still work in 2019? If you can answer that will be great, and hey, your doing a good job. Just ignore those people who don't appreciate the developer, it will only make your reputation go down if you hate back. Some friendly advice for a hard working modder. Happy new year my friend!!! 🙂

  4. ok so i have to play money i can do a few things i can hack your severs jk or i can code my own and release it and you cant do anything because mine will have a few futures so im not copying you

  5. Are you trying to make money from it? I'm not a loser who will pay 2.50 for a trainer, so far you're a big loser, and from now on I've come with that pizza story, I'm gone, I do not need that trash anymore, 5 years have passed and you did nothing about this, then goodbye!

  6. Si no me crees visita mi canal y te enseñare como modificar absolutamente todo para este juego, por cierto hace un tiempo compre ese entrenador y nunca me funciono

  7. as you did tell me the code, I also want to take the police car to tell what need for speed most wanted will get ultimate speed or nfs heroes or movie legends or terminal velocity or time saver?

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