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Removing broken off AUX cable piece from inside port!

Here is a handy trick to remove the broken end of a 3.5mm headset jack/audio cable if it ever gets broken off inside the port!



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22 thoughts on “Removing broken off AUX cable piece from inside port!”

  1. I have my Aux chord in the center consul as well, I drive a 2011 Ford Fusion and around the aux chord there’s like a square so I slid a card under it and it popped out and the aux chord has like a Fuse attachment so I was able to dissatatch and remove it and look thru the back side of it and poke it out with a needle. It worked and everything clicked back in.

  2. this happened to me about 2 months ago and I haven't been able to listen to my own music in my car since. So I came across this video and was so relieved
    but I do have one question however, am I spraying the activate spray into the port? and is that going to damage my port if any case adhesive or spray gets left behind in the port?

  3. A few questions, what's activator spray? Is that like WD-40?
    Did you have to clean the hole afterwards? How do you do that?
    Did the activator spray ruin anyone's radio?

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