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What a difference a mod makes: Viper RT/10 Sound Mod!

You can download the car here: You can download the sound mod here: …



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14 thoughts on “What a difference a mod makes: Viper RT/10 Sound Mod!”

  1. Doesn't sound like the physics are very realistic. Transition from grip to slide happens very slow and smooth etc.. Doesn't sound like a gen1 Viper at all… Always heard the Viper snaps and bites the driver with the quickness.

  2. I've only driven the Viper in FM7 and I feel the same. The car just feels way more tame than its reputation would have you believe, especially in the ACR format with all the down force. Motor Trend uses Laguna Seca for their hot lap testing and I believe the 2016 Viper ACR holds the lap record still (1:28.65). I guess 8.4 liters helps….

    I would like to place a Project Cars 2 request if I may. Please drive any car you like around the Rouen Les Essarts Short circuit. Its a lovely classic track with loads of old school character.

  3. It even has a soiled passenger seat for realism!
    I've always wondered how they make the sounds for racing games but never looked it up. In the old days they probably just used synthesized sounds. But do they use microphones and record on real cars now? Seems like they'd have to have a sound for every rpm or maybe they just pitch bend.

  4. Sorry Alex, to be a "Debby Downer" today (my family say every day ; ) – but given you have already said in the video, that you want to use this Viper in the SSS. So just before you open the Server, you might want to first check that however the server works – that it doesn't defaultly (my own word) ban a car using a "modified" sound module. You could imagine that there could be a few subs using this sound mod, based on this great video – so it would be a shame if suddenly they can't join the server for any ODD reason, due to NON-AC or MOD MODIFICATIONS??? P.S. So what I mean is I don't think Humble George could race one of his TWEAKED CARS? on ANY? Server, so would a sound-mod react in the same way???

  5. New sound mod sounds good. The org one is from kunos and i beleve is from the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. Dynamic sound seems good but maybe a little overpowering. but then again its open top and has side pipes so that might be why the sound modder decided to up the effect. Still gota try it for myself. Cheers.

  6. nice video, thank you. have you ever seen any sound mod for assetto corsa kerbs? the wheel roolling over the kerbs in rfactor 2 or project cars sounds much better than in assetto corsa imho…

  7. Tbh I really don't like the sound mod here. The real car sounds much more like the 1st one. It seems like they didn't even bother to do the interior and exterior sound different (cars always sounds different from inside and outside..)

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