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WORLD’S HIGHEST PACMAN SCORE! In this episode we play This is game is the same as Pacman, BUT better! In this game you choose to join the …



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30 thoughts on “WORLD'S HIGHEST PACMAN SCORE! (NEW .IO GAMES) ( World record)”

  1. yo fady theres a game for phone or anything mobile and its called and i would love it if you could shout it out or play it because im one if the people working on it and its a gme where you claim land and like pokemon go you walk around. when you clam land you can build mines or solar panols. and its like a real life shooter. you will have to get someone to play with you because not many peolle know about it…… Thank you!!,

  2. They need to change the spawning in this game. The fact that ghosts spawn with a power pill is broken and the scoring system doesn't make sense. You lose every point if you die making having rounds stupid. If your leading point bearer dies a second before the round ends you lose all their points.

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