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Cheat Engine for doodle people (doodletoo)

Hello fellow doodletoers! Ever felt left out and powerless against those random guests who seem to have some sort of weird hacking abilities? Then this is the …



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34 thoughts on “Cheat Engine for doodle people (doodletoo)”

  1. **About:memory UPDATE**. Open chrome, click "window tab" up top then "task manager". Find your tab that says doodletoo and the (PID)# is what you will convert to hex.

  2. trolls need to stop this is retarded wait no because that is offensive to people with disabilities because what is the point of ruining someones art because you think its funny or whatever you sad reason is you should really get a life i as an artist on doodletoo am sick of these idiots

  3. Hewllo I am here to find out another hack I saw on DT. I've seen some people using a different color than the only ones you can use and people using a rainbow ink color. /o/ Please tell if you know. Ty~

  4. Hey again 🙂 Here is a simple AoB injection program I made for infinite ink in the press of one button:

    This doesn't require cheat engine to be installed, and only works in Firefox (new version added for slimbrowser too). To use it, Just open up doodletoo, then open up the DII program and it will instruct you to press keyboard button 0 to inject. Once it has been injected you can close the program and continue drawing with endless ink. If you want to have the ink go higher than normal value so it goes outside of the box limit, just inject when you are in the endless room, then change to another like white or lobby and you will notice the ink amount shoot up.

    Virustotal scan:
    v1.1 scan:

    This will obviously show a few false positives due to the nature of injection, such as HackTool.CheatEngine!h2lP7QG9eRI, and TrojanDropper.Injector.bhlg. If you are worried about using any files from the internet, just download sandboxie and run it from a sandbox.

    Enjoy 🙂

  5. Hi doodletroll…

    89 42 28 8D 89 08 01 00 00 8D 55 F0
    More effective AoB for ink value^
    Tutorial here on how to use:
    Using this method you only need to do 1 scan to find what you need for endless ink. You will still need to know how to find the right process for flashplayer in cheat engine.
    BTW, To fill the memory area with nop, click the "replace with code that does nothing" button after you right click it in disassembler…

  6. Ok I'll admit after watching this tutorial and trying it out myself as a guest I did felt what it was like to have all that power. It felt good. It felt like God and Jesus combined within me. I'd probably use this as a prank for some moments, but I'd find it more enjoyable to use in times as revenge against those same guests who've done the same to me.

  7. And I don't see at all how this would've help against the guests who are abusing it. You're basically telling us to fight fire with fire. This was just a simple drawing site until you had to fuck it up with this crap. I honestly didn't even think such cheats actually existed on something like this except for ones only found in games, but after seeing this video I guess the people (like this uploader) are out to ruin anything they seek their hands into and act like they did something good making others follow their shoes. It's sick and isn't at all funny. This video deserves to be removed.

  8. So this is the hack?! BULLSHIT!!! I had this happen to me from different guests just because I wanted to have fun. Sure I'll admit that I did spam the same drawing over in one room but I went to different rooms continuously trying to get away from them because they wouldn't stop infinitely erasing my drawings. And those same guests who were then laughing their ass off and making fun of me are now acting like they don't know shit about this hack so I feel pissed off right now. I'd like it better if this hack wasn't shown at all or were only for private rooms because that shit is FUCKING ANNOYING AS HELL! WHY SHOW A VIDEO OF IT WHEN YOU KNOW MORE GUESTS ARE GOING TO CONTINUE DOING IT WTF!!!

  9. Hello i want to ask you to please remove the video from the internet because trolls arent going to be too good with this hack so please remove it PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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