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8 More Tricks / Features You May Not Know – Factorio Tutorial

In this Factorio Tutorial, I cover 8 more Tips, Tricks and Features you may not know. Things like Belt Weaving or Braiding, Biter Evolution Factor, or setting default …



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32 thoughts on “8 More Tricks / Features You May Not Know – Factorio Tutorial”

  1. Subbed, my dude. This has been most interesting. Ive also been looking into Autodesk Process Analysis (free product) to possibly optimise my setups. Might be interesting for you 😉

  2. I can't remember where I saw it but I have taken to using a technique that allows 3 if the same belt to occupy a 2 wide area, by having underground belts at maximum length, offset so the second lane start and end in the middle of the other lane, you can weave a third, longer belt around and between them.
    if you place he assembly machines so that the middle lines up to a point where the woven belt switches sides, one assembly machine , with 1 or 2 long inserters and 2 or 1 fast inserters can access 3 blue belts of resources.
    very useful for a blue circuit setup to get 2 and a half lanes of green circuits and half a lane of red.

  3. Really solid video – I spent a half hour trying to figure out how to use power switches and you showed me in 10 seconds. I had only seen one other of these tips before as well, nice job!

  4. I like to remove power lines from poles and put green/red wires on a separate set of poles from the power network so it's easier to see. I find it's a good use for all those old wooden power poles (at least before they added the ability to BURN them for fuel).

  5. One thing to mention regarding downgrading chests – if there is not enough room in the new chest to hold all the items, it will put the remainder into your inventory. BUT – if there is not enough room in your inventory, the remaining items spill onto the ground! This can be rather unfortunate if the items had a high stack size (like alien artifacts), since it will end up covering a potentially huge area.

  6. Good video, but the math at 8:35 is wrong, since the pollution growth is exponential

    I'll pick up your example, the player destroys five spawners.

    The first spawner would increase the evolution by .2% . The second destroyed spawner would make the result of the previous calculation rise. Then the third would take that result and would add .2% of it again etc etc

    Calculation: (whatever pollution level you're at)*1.002*1.002*1.002*1.002*1.002
    OR (pollution level)*1.002 ^5

    I multiplied with 1.002 instead of .002 since we want to know the total amount of pollution and not just what 2% of it is.

  7. 0.0004% per tick is wrong.. This would be 0.024% per second, 1,44% per minute, 86,4% per hour. Full evolution after an hour right…,. By this time i usually start automating science to invent turrets in the first place, and you have behemoths. LOL

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