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See how car thieves are using high tech devices to breaking in vehicles

There’s a new wave of auto thefts that police can’t figure out. So could you be at risk? TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen looked into it.



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25 thoughts on “See how car thieves are using high tech devices to breaking in vehicles”

  1. Too bad it only works on power lock doors, I have all manual stuff in my car from Windows, unlocking the doors, and the trunk, minus that one button that electronically unlocks the trunk from the drivers side dash

  2. One good solution to this is put your car in transport mode if you know how to. Transport mode means you need to use an actual and unlock the car by putting it in the key hole and some electronics such as the car radio and remote locking are disabled. All new car's delivered to a dealership from a factory have transport mode on until a mechanic deactivates it I know this because Ive done it hundreds of times because I worked at an Opel dealer.

  3. Couldn't the box just send out a shit ton of codes until one works? Kind of like a code generator for windows or something. I'm not sure how car alarms work but it seems that with the right frequency, the car will unlock.

  4. Who tf leaves valuables in the car anyway? All I leave are car cleaning products in mine. I won't leave any sort of valuables since my neighbors kid seems to like looking in my truck one time. Oh wish the bitch would, leave his ass on the side if I catch him even try!!

  5. Mysterious electronic device? BULLSHIT! It's a fucking code grabber. It works by first picking up the radio signal that is given off by your keyless remote and recording it's unique digital code into it's memory. It is then playback by the thief to unlock your car by faking to be your keyless remote control. THAT'S IT!! There is nothing mysterious about it.

  6. this people are stupid and dramatic, this sht has been used since remote car alarms and keyless entry systems were created…..this is a scanner/code finder, or even a code reader…mysterious box, bull sht, you can get it on e-bay..if your seach good,

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