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Car Tire Maintenance : How to Use a Floor Jack to Lift a Car

A car needs to be raised to remove a flat tire. Learn how to use a floor jack to safely lift your automobile when changing a tire in this free video. Expert: Jon Olson …



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15 thoughts on “Car Tire Maintenance : How to Use a Floor Jack to Lift a Car”

  1. I don't use a jack to often, so I'm glad this video taught me to turn the handle to adjust the lift of the vehicle. This video was straightforward and to the point. Thanks a lot.

  2. also if you car does have a lift point yes it is okay to use the jack on the lift points but you should use rubber flaps otherwise the lifts points bends too

  3. actually its different for vehicles some cars you can't raise them in the area as this video shows you otherwise you will bend the fuck out of your fender or just that area

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