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Sonic Bumper Engine – Open World Edition

Remade version of Bumper Engine made by: Raphpower SG/SU-Modding Download: If you like this …



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26 thoughts on “Sonic Bumper Engine – Open World Edition”

  1. I don't know about downloading this I don't know if it is a scam or maybe a person trying to get into my computer I dont want to take my chance clicking on some werd link I dont even know if it is the real game -_- like sorry I won't do it cause I like my computer

  2. Blue streak Speeds by…SAWNIK DA HEDGEHOG
    Wait…wasn't he originally…brown in the comics before a lab explosion turned him blue or something..? imagine if he was still,the song would then be..

    Brown streak…speeds by…xD

  3. I recommend to replace the pitter patter while running to a wind effect sound, or the sound of a jet breaking the sound/light barrer. I also suggest adding the Masa's demo version of green hill for music.

  4. I like to imagine this is what Sonic does in his free time, you know, not stopping Eggman, no Badniks in sight, no need to look for Chaos Emeralds, just a day to himself. So this is how he chooses to spend his time. Just running. It’s calming.

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