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Cheat Engine: Find God Mode and 1 Hit Kills For Almost Any Game

Cheat Engine Tutorial: Find God Mode and 1 Hit Kills for Almost Any Game. This is basically a continuation of my tutorial on Cheat Engine Step # 9 EXPLAINED.



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24 thoughts on “Cheat Engine: Find God Mode and 1 Hit Kills For Almost Any Game”

  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I following your instruction here until I have to shoot 3 enemies to get their addresses and values. But I don't know why I can never get those info after testing several different games. Another question is how can I get the health address of a single enemy since the method of 'Unknown Initial Value + Decreased Value' doesn't work at all. Thank you!

  2. Hello. I'm very late on this. Can explain why you picked 2fc. or explain that part more. I'm stuck on it. Game is RE2 remake. Thank u. Its very rare and the only tut out there.

  3. cmp [ebx+180],1

    jne originalcode

    sub [ebx],#1000

    jmp exit


    sub [ebx],eax

    mov ebx,[ebx]

    mov ecx,[esp+14]


    jmp returnhere

    I try this code with all the offset and all fail, I think the problem is with my code. Can you help me what code to make one hit kill?
    Should I try something like this with hundred of the offset again? I don't know which one to compare

    cmp [esp+180],1
    jne originalcode

    sub [ebx],#1000

    jmp exit

  4. Hello Chris,

    First I would like to thank you for making tutorial videos on youtube, which have helped me tremendously. I have learned how to use cheat engine to hack damage, regeneration, attack speed, attack damage, etc. Today, I tried to do the god mode hack from this video; however, the health of the monster and my health are instructed by two different intructions. I found the instructions which control the monsters' health and inject a new code which basically move monsters' health point to 0. When I activate my code, all monsters' health drop down to 0/0, but when I hit them they don't die but instead lose health points at a normal pace (as if the numbers shown are not real values).
    Does this mean I've found the wrong value, or is it because the server has some opcodes set out somewhere that somehow blocked me from changing these values?

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me.

    Thanks in advance,

    P/S: I play an online game, private server.

  5. I tried this for God of War, playing on PCSX2. I found the group differences from one area of enemies, then narrowed down to one after encountering another set. Unfortunately I couldn't get the script to work.

  6. Great information, well described. I popped a thumbs up for this tutorial just for the detail and the information, all of which was excellent and accurate as far as I could tell.

    I did have a thought though. Way back in the wild west days of (dis)assembly cheat trainers, when I use to spend much more time doing this stuff, I seem to remember doing this a few times for games like the original Sacred, not by filtering the data comparatively, but using the read code used by the game to show you your character's health in the statistics screen like you showed in the game in this tutorial, to find your a health address and separate that from all the other health. In games like this enemies typically don't have a visual reference for their stats on a statistic screen and the address the game used for the character statistic info is typically the same one that it is actually using to calculate in-game functional health, so that provides an easy comparative reference not using the data structure, but by using the game code to read and write to the same address. Typically the read code that gets the current functional value for health to display it on the statistic page reads uniquely from just that one address, and so can be used as an instant, easy to find filter, using the find all code that accesses this address, rather than the find all code that writes to this address that you used in this video, without trying to search through the data structures looking for something that might be unique.

    Realistically, you can even go a step further and simply use the read code to inject a health value that constantly negates any reduction. Often the read code runs continuously even when the statistic screen isn't open, so you just hijack the code and insert whatever value you want into health and it constantly overwrites any damage your character takes.

    The downside is that it won't look 'clean' if you are obsessive about that kind of thing. Typically in RPGs your health value changes over the length of the game, so when you inject value the way I am talking about, it will be in the nature of looking like 5000/2560. Also, it likely won't negate an instant kill scenario, where a single hit causes enough damage to strip all your health in one shot, as the calculation for that will likely complete before the hijacked read code reinserts the health boost.

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