Guide & Tipsio NEW Gamemode Maze + NEW Gamemode Survival little Preview Idea | Bugs & Glitches Showoff!

Finally, a new Gamemode Maze! But there is one problem, it’s very glitchy and buggy, but it will also be removed soon, as the Gamemode is temporary …



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49 thoughts on “ NEW Gamemode Maze + NEW Gamemode Survival little Preview Idea | Bugs & Glitches Showoff!”

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  2. Im working on my own gamemode called "War". Its bassicly, you spawn in a level 30 – 45 tanks, theres 3 tanks. Green, Blue, Red.
    If you hit/kill someone, you regain health! If you die, you respawn to the Spawn Pad, if you dont know what the SpawnPad is, its like a pad, made by me! So you can help by supporting on me!

  3. hey i think i got a gamemode too its called infected there will be 60 players in a game and the map is big.u have 6 minutes to collect food and other,when the 6 minutes finish there will be 5 infecteds , the infecteds need to kill survivors. when a survivor is killed he become infected. like if u agree

  4. i like the survival mode thingy +1 like to let see this but i wanted a little update to that gamemode players spawn at level 45 and they have to pick what will be theyre class and stats an they fight bosses go to lvl 10 beat another boss they win or just put your suggestion on reddit /r/

  5. Another glitch is you get stuck on the wall, I was playing this and dominating as the Annihilator with 400k and I got stuck on the wall trying to run away from a Hybrid and a Sniper, got stuck and died…

  6. What about a Boss Battle gamemode ? There is only 1 team players fight with many bosses that spawn every few minutes. If all the boss die, the team win, and arena close.

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