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The Three Musketeers – 'Slay Them' Clip #1

– The Three Musketeer – ‘Slay Them’ Clip #1.



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23 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers – 'Slay Them' Clip #1”

  1. This type of escenes are good, but in general is a bad movie :S to bad!! the worst milla jovovich, she is beautiful and great for resident evil, that´s it.. and the steampunk elements mmm better for another type of movie, not for a book like the musketeer. 6 stars.

  2. @bluedc123 this movie is EMBARASSING!!!How to ruin a wonderful book…starting from the fact that Buckingam and Richelieu are allies(they represent France and England..), Milady is older and fights as in Nyo in 'the Matrix' (ridiculous!), Athos should be the most handsome and charismatic of the 4, all the musketeers should be in their 30es…not speaking about the fantascientific elements such as the flying ships and about those duels were everyone seems a superhero…

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