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How to Jack Up Your Car With a Hockey Puck

Jack up car. How to properly jack up your car with a hockey puck, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How a little hockey puck protector can make jacking up your car safe.



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24 thoughts on “How to Jack Up Your Car With a Hockey Puck”

  1. So I'm always confused about where on a pinch weld you're supposed to apply the load on. Is it on the area around the weld, thus the slotted pad allows it to do, or is it on the pinch weld itself?

  2. My OEM scissor jack is basically flat on top with a couple of raised ribs to help keep it from sliding out, the pinch weld itself has a rounded out finish so a hockey puck would work prefect without cutting a groove. I suppose a slight groove could be helpful though.

  3. @Ira Friedman On minivans and most CUVs, at least up front there's the engine cradle you can jack up on without using a puck but on a lot of newer models, that'd mean removing the splash shield first… which of course means jacking it up first!

  4. My problem is the car doesn't provide a lifting point & support point. Granted if you don't get under the vehicle you're not in as much danger but all loads should be supported by solid metal stands instead of hydraulic jacks with $0.10 chinese o-rings.

  5. The Crown Vic/Marquis platform was the last car with a frame. Marketing really sold us a bunch of bologna with the stressed body sheet metal "frame" cars. Gotta buy a truck now to get a frame.

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