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Killing Floor 2: Infinite Onslaught Update Trailer

KILLING FLOOR 2: Infinite Onslaught Content Update Adds New “Endless Mode,” Weapons, and More to PC and Consoles Today Tripwire Interactive …


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26 thoughts on “Killing Floor 2: Infinite Onslaught Update Trailer”

  1. Tripwire, you're a blessing to the gaming world. Companies should take you as an example.
    I bought kf2 in early access and already back then it was a damn good game. So worth the money. Please dont change.
    Love you guys

  2. Do you have to beat 25 rounds on diesector to get the precious armor? Cause i didnt receive any armor for DAR when i beat 25 on Nuked. Im hoping its not a "if you missed this opportunity then youre fucked" scenario

  3. I wish the PS4 version was more populated, what with the new update and the one coming, in any case, I'm so happy to able to play this game.

    I will personally buy the new DLC character as a message to Tripwire, to let 'em know that 'hey, this is what we want, not some stinking chicken suit.' And just to support them. This game deserves it.

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