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How To Remove A Tokay Gecko From The House (Thailand Dragon)

Link to sandals: Did you know that geckos (Gekko gecko) are lizards and some places people believe the gecko has super …



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23 thoughts on “How To Remove A Tokay Gecko From The House (Thailand Dragon)”

  1. My Filipino Mom thought tokay geckos were our dead family members and so she didn't want them to be removed and would sometimes talk to them like someone mentally disturbed.

  2. রাজু খুলনা ০১৭০১৭৪৮৮৩২ কল দিন আমি জানি য়ে ক

    জদি কেউ কিনলে াদিতে পারবো

  3. Actually Tokay Geckos are used to protect the house like protects you from dengue fly and mosquitos and even larger praying mantis, Itchy caterpillar are no match for it

    The sound doesnt even bother me at night

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