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Super Mario Party How To Unlock New Characters

How to unlock new characters in Super Mario Party for Nintendo switch. Characters are Dry Bones, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Pom Pom.
Dry Bones will appear here first. Donkey Kong after playing 2-3 river survival rounds and Diddy Kong and Pom Pom after meeting them on Challenge Road. Hope this helps 😆

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22 thoughts on “Super Mario Party How To Unlock New Characters”

  1. Dry bones appears randomly after playing every game remember? I have unlocked him on Arden's count yesterday and my count on Christmas Eve and also My brother Arden unlocked Donkey Kong!

  2. I'm so freaking sad that Toadette isn't a playable character this time. She's my favorite character and I was really looking forward to playing as her in the new mario party ;-;

  3. But what's the other 2 or 3 characters? Not donkey kong or diddy or pom pom, if you look in the Dice character in the party pad and go down, there is 2 or 3 other characters.

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