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POE 3.7 Legion Starter Builds for New Players! SLAY League Start!

Hey all, hope you enjoy this guide. Don’t forget to check out the live stream anytime Mon – Sat 1PM MST! I will be live most of the weekend for league start so …



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46 thoughts on “POE 3.7 Legion Starter Builds for New Players! SLAY League Start!”

  1. I need to say as criticism that this guide is not for new players cuz me as an new player do not have any idea what mapping is and how da hell I should get 6 linked amores or even a maxed character

  2. man you need to learn how to cover some content. "Nice clear speed" , "Really really really strong" and so on wtf..and in this list you put Skelemancer? For dude? For new players? Huge thumbs down.

  3. I tried Winter Orb, holy shit that was the most boring thing ive ever played. My character just stands there like they are taking a shit while these little pew pews come out of his head.

  4. I don't have anything against you or angry roleplayer but casting 7+ times on a single pack is anything but "nice clear speed". On the other hand you are on point about necro being good for startersnew players. Cheers.

  5. Anybody interested in the Frostblades Assassin. I made a new Skill Tree for 3.7 (build in link has not been updated yet)
    I pathed around to take advantage of the new Blind we have with Flesh And Stone while in Sand Stance.
    And still has 174% life from tree. Jewels to buy are life and crit multi.

  6. It's rather disheartening that half of the builds here, or at least footage of them, still use cwdt + immortal call. Or is it only me thinking that after IC rework (for jugger, nerf for everyone else) it's no longer a viable defensive tactics to combo that?
    But if I'm right and it's no longer a good idea, what then? Figure out a way to generate endurance charges on your bow ranger and trigger IC manually? Forgo Wrath for Hatred and go full retard ice dmg to deal with porcupines and such?
    Or don't do a bow ranger at all, cause at high lvl content even with 6k hp and max res one salvo from a pack of vaal constructs can end in instant death?…

  7. Why commentate over the video when you just repeat the exact same things for every build?

    “This is a great build. It’s great for clear speed. It’s great for the legion mechanic. You should start with this!”

  8. Very happy to see a post patch notes vid up so quick! Not making a good sell on clear speed with that skelemancer but tectonic, contagion ED and scourge look sick!

  9. I was starting to feel comfortable with occultist/elementalist and now they're gone so I'm not feeling excited about this league but this will definitely make it better, thanks man. 😉

  10. Just saw the new skill Pulverise, which has 45% more melee damage and 34% MORE area of effect at lvl 20… TECTONIC SLAM HERE I COME

    not even joking I played tectonic slam for fun in betrayal as like a 4th character, and now that we have a gem with a MORE area of effect multiplier, this will hit like 2 screens of monsters!

  11. Excuse me Mr. Youtuber, but what if i really wanna play an ice-trap trapper that also uses Cyclone but with Wave of Conviction cast while channeling? Got a build for that?

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