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How to paint Ork Face Painting Tutorial – Orruk Warclans

Emil Nyström, Age of Squidmar, is showing you, step by step, how to Paint an Ork Face for your wargaming Orruks, Ironjawz, Megaboss, Ardboys, Brutes, Spaceorks, Bonesplittaz, Ork Boys, Orruk Warclans.

Perfect tutorial to increase your painting skills for Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, 40 000, Malifaux, Warmachine Hordes, dungeons and dragons, warhammer 40k, 9th age, lord of the rings and Frostgrave.

Emil On

Paints used in tutorial:
Rhinox Hide
Deathworld Forest
Bugmans Glow
Cadian Flesh
Elysian Green
Moot Green
Mephiston Red
Screaming Skull

Dark Sea Blue
Pale Flesh
Hexed Lichen

Micron 003 black pen


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25 thoughts on “How to paint Ork Face Painting Tutorial – Orruk Warclans”

  1. I am painting an Ork for a local competition. Feedback from my friends said put more contrast on the face…..then I found this video. Amazing work sir, I am now applying your concepts to my mini and the result is great. Thank you sir

  2. I must say that this video is weird. You’ve shown us your way of painting this not missing out on anything and that’s cool! But… you seem to not know your audience. It appears you’re talking to beginners and yet you spend no time going into the intricacies of wet-blending and you decide to add an iris and a pupil as if it’s the most natural thing in the world without explaining at least how you overcome the usual jitters or picking this out as something unnecessary or even unfeasible for most of us . I think you need to decide who you want to talk to and then storytell. Other than that keep up with the videos. Same as painting; it’s a process.

  3. Loving this video aswell as the orc skin tutorial! I would really like for you to make a leather tutorial! Maybe some texture details and doing leathers of different tints??? Keep it going! New fan!

  4. This video made me want to throw out my own Ironjawz and start all over… Also, I would love to see a tutorial on brown ork skin like the Mag'har from world of warcraft

  5. Let me start by stating I'm a real fan of your vids. They are short and straight to the point and your terrain is absolutely awesome! Sadly, this one was a bit of a dissapointment though. No doubt this is pro level, I just don't like the end result. The face looks clowny, the blends are not that smooth and to me, the body looks like it's highlighted… well, wrong? Everyone has their own style ofc, but this looks either cartoony or as if the orc has some terrible eyeinfection. I would love to see a part 2 where you try a more subtle and natural approach to the skin.
    Sorry for being a killjoy, and thx for posting!

  6. I find your lack of meatballs disturbing. That said I enjoy your no-nonsense, to the point approach vids with this high production level quite nice and refreshing. There is deffo room for you too. You've been added to the collection. Skål.

  7. Hello, I really want to try this wetblending you speak of. Any other tips for giving it a try? How long are you playing with it until you leave it to dry? It doesn’t look like your diluting with water at all, is this correct?

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