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Factorio: Tightening The Belt: Megabase Guide EP55 – MEGA SMELTERS! | Tutorial Gameplay Series

This Factorio series is intended to be a guide or walkthrough for newer players as well as experienced players with tips, tricks, How To, and the Why behind … .



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12 thoughts on “Factorio: Tightening The Belt: Megabase Guide EP55 – MEGA SMELTERS! | Tutorial Gameplay Series”

  1. Xterminator Have you tried using Helmod? It gets better with each update and now you can have it calculate amounts based on # of belts also. But the best part is it is right in game and will keep your calculations to be viewed or altered later if you add it as a production block! It would also be a great mod for a Mod Spotlight too!

  2. You could have the Copper as the top facility. Then Iron with steel directly below it.
    That should fix all the problems you were describing.

    lol, you realized it in the vid as I was typing this. Leaving the message anyways for the youtube engagement algorithm.

  3. Xterm it's interesting how we differ. I do all mine backwards, I put down everything I need for red science, and then I go backwards building the machine setups I have to feed those, and then I attach smelters to it..I have a 4k RPM red complete science build lol (belts only) they're all in modules (just feed ore).

  4. Two things. One, you can filter your personal inventory by middle clicking an inventory square, so you can designate a slot or two for your construction bots so you'll always have space for them. Two, if you aren't inside of a logistics zone, you can use your trash slots as extra inventory space. Love the series. Keep up the good work.

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