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Radiis – Indie Turn-Based Strategy Game – Game Showcase, Let's Play

Join me as I showcase the indie turn-based strategy game, Radiis, which has some very interesting strategical mechanics that remind me about a few board …



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5 thoughts on “Radiis – Indie Turn-Based Strategy Game – Game Showcase, Let's Play”

  1. Looks like a very interesting Strategy Game that I am very tempted to play myself.

    I love strategy games, but I basically completely stopped playing them… simply because I'm just not any good at them, like at all -.-
    Only way to win civilization (no matter which part) is by skewing the enemie AI and giving me a big boost so that I will be at the modern era before they're even at medieval era… that's how bad I am at those games ^ ^

    I especially like that it seems that it is not luck based at all, i.e. that the best Strategy is entirely calculable and that you don't have to "hope" to find the right resources near your starting location or something like that.

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