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Sqaishey Birthday Vlog {Sqaishey Extra}

A few days ago I had one of the most fun filled birthdays I have ever had. Me and Stampy spent most of the time travelling and laughing. I have made this …



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20 thoughts on “Sqaishey Birthday Vlog {Sqaishey Extra}”

  1. Okay Everyone So "Are Stampy And Sqaishey Dating?" Is The Thing Everyone Wants To Know, Am i right?? Anyways, The Answer Is Yes…..Well At least They Were Dating They Still May be Now, But All Of The Proof Videos Are From Somewhere In between 2013-2015 But They May Still Be Dating Just There Are No Proof Videos From 2018 So Idk But To Answer Almost Everyone's Question yes….Ish Okay Thats All i Had To Say. Please Let Me Know If You Know The Official Answer For 2018. But For 2013-2015 Its A YESSSSS . Okay All I Had To Say… Bye! 😀

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