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Exposing A YouTuber For Hacking… Must Watch

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9 thoughts on “Exposing A YouTuber For Hacking… Must Watch”

  1. no NO! why youtubers think that they think if they use hacks on even its a bad game they hack on and think they well get more fans but they did AND I THOUGHT THEY NOT HACKERS I WAS SO DUMB TO THINK THAT now look i was a hacker too but i was sad how people well be rude to me a aagin so here

    1.they ways say ez noobz and others thing BUT not be toixc cuz u have a "best" hacks and u know frist they start spawn killing me then insta killing and THEN CRAHING A GAME!? okay nexts

    2.they use hacks cuz just to make a game suck so bad idk why they do this cuz they want to make us hack too? or make our day bad? Cuz i not moomoo anymore! next

    3. look Greasy okay even reddit? wow people u use this and a dark web is a bad place they will steal form u WOW PEOPLE U USE ALL THIS SO U CAN HACK AND MAKE US SAD? wow


  2. I have a few problems with this video, He is using a texture pack, Some require tampermonkey to use, #2 That guy was not a fan,

    Before trying to expose someone, have solid evidence to support what you are say.

  3. theres a script in tampermonkey that can forcefully connect you to a full server or so alot of pros use it
    theres no advantage you get from it beside being able to join full servers

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