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Working in my Altered Paper Sample Book, adding painty pages.

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2 thoughts on “Working in my Altered Paper Sample Book, adding painty pages.”

  1. Sorry I didn't listen to your story all the way to the end. It sounds like you did have chicken pox, as you had a clear duagnosis of shingles. Boy, that must have been a mild case! So I guess you aren't a mutant with me afterall.

  2. To answer some of your questions about shingles, you had to have had a case of chicken pox at some time earlier in your life in order to have shingles in adulthood. You do not catch shingles from snybody else; it's either already in your body or you haven't had it. Shingles is the inactive chicken pox virus (which never dies) re-activating in your body. How bad your chicken pox case was has no relevance to how bad your shingles will be, and I think that you can have an outbreak of shingles more than once. I remember my mother having shingles when she was in her eighties. It got in her mouth and eyes. It was extremely painful and it dragged on for weeks. I'm like you: there is no record that I ever had chicken pox, and I was very nervous when I was pregnant with my second child because there was an outbreak of chicken pox at the daycare center where I worked, and I was afraid that my unborn baby would catch it, even though my 5-year-old had already exposed me to it and I hadn't caught it. The doctors speculated that I had a natural immunity to chicken pox, which would be nice because then I would never have to worry about having shingles. We are a genetic mutation!

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