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[Vermintide 2] Guide: Three Settings To Help You Slay

This quick guide covers three important settings to improve your gameplay and quality of life in Vermintide 2! — Watch live at



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36 thoughts on “[Vermintide 2] Guide: Three Settings To Help You Slay”

  1. 1. i set "Ping(Tag)" on "Mouse Wheel Up". (Easy Spammable).

    2. Thanks to Higher FoV tips , it intensely makes sense.
    below is Long comment.
    Because Vermintide is Not a regular FPS game where you fight with Rifles.(e.g. CoD, Battle Field)
    it is heavily based on Face-to-Face melee combat in short range with melee weapons.
    So, Better to set your FoV higher than other FPS games by some point.

    (if you suffer motion sickness, take some Distance from the Display)

  2. Increasing fov is a noob trap. The warped perspective makes you worse for melee. And the times it would help, you could have positioned better instead of "needing" to see multiple angles.
    Had 105 fov, thought the hitboxes were fucked up, turned down to 80 and became a melee god.

    If you main ranged classes and want to special snipe all day sure go 100+ but that makes high fov objectively lame

  3. In other fps games, when you wanna spot enemy's at a distance, snipe them etc. A low FOV is sometimes favoured, over high FOV. But it's also a bit of a taste thing to what provides you better aiming capabilities. As a new player in vermintide I tried to keep FOV on low for now (I am so used to it) and do alot of quick looks around me, as the most dangerous thing is often missing out enemy positions around you. Knowing your surrounding helps, enemy's that are waterfalling for example are a main course to this.
    I also thought that a ultra wide monitor could be awesome for vermintide, as it could offer the best of both worlds.

  4. Wtf. A guide that IMMEDIATELY gets to the first point?? Am I in heaven? I'm used to "Hey guys welcome back it's me generic you tuber and I'm back with another video. In this video I'm gonna give some tips on how to get good. I've been busy lately so sorry for the long wait. This morning I had cereal for breakfast and it tasted like ass, my cats name is coco, and my shampoo is made by loreal. Anyways guys this is a tutorial I've been working on for a while and I hope you guys enjoy it. Another quick thing, I'm thinking about going to mcdonalds later, what should I get?? Comment down below what I should get. Okay guys enjoy the video"

  5. I'd say the most important thing to do is to switch off the scroll-item switch. When you want to quickly equip your melee weapon to parry an attack, but in panic scroll too much and pull up a potion and then get brutally hammered, is not the way to go.

  6. Wow, what a nice short video.
    It blew my mind when I first realized FOV is default 65, in Borderlands and other FPS I play at ~110 but for Vermintide it seems to distort a bit too much and makes seeing far enemies a bit more difficult.

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