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Puddle Of Mudd – Blurry [Official Video]

All rights go to Puddle Of Mudd as well as Geffen/Flawless Records 2001 This video was altered to avoid copyright by using the album version of Blurry instead …



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43 thoughts on “Puddle Of Mudd – Blurry [Official Video]”

  1. Original comment gone when I tried to edit it… Here's what it said…
    Hey guys, It's Jake. I run this channel Puddle Of Mudd TV and I'm possibly the biggest Puddle fan you'll ever meet. Anyways I am 19 years old now and I would like to promote my alt. rock/grunge band Junk Mail. Give us a chance, we don't think you'll be disappointed. We have songs like Puddle Of Mudd, Alice In Chains, etc… as well as some Green Day type songs. Here's our music down below
    Thanks 🙂

  2. This song cuts at my heart cause I went through this as a kid until my dad passed away. My dad was the best dad ever but watching this takes me back and just makes me fucking cry and I'm 23 now and I'll damn sure my kids dont ever go through what I did.

  3. my mother always said my biological dad looked just just like the lead singer, and she would always cry once this song came on bc it reminded her of me and him.. she left him before I was born.

  4. For all those people that are using the song grow the f**** up if the song relates to that means you weren't good enough father or parentthere's no women out there that can take their son from them unless the father is a piece of s*** and don't deserve to have theminstead of listening to music that makes you upset why don't you do something about it and stop posting on this website you pathetic fucks

  5. My buddy keebler played this to me before he died he was mad cause I told his girlfriend now dead over a heroin dose that he was smoking med outta a hollow pen he got shot in the head over a weed deal gone bad

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