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I Really Dislike Biters | Factorio 0.15 Part 104

FACTORIO! Let’s Play Factorio, shall we? In this Let’s Play, we’ll be playing Factorio 0.15! Remember if you’re having fun and liking the content then fire some … .



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17 thoughts on “I Really Dislike Biters | Factorio 0.15 Part 104”

  1. Something that might help with shortages and those tiny patches is to set up 'chest' mining… but don't connect a roboport. Just let the boxes fill up and, if you feel like you've got a bit of a shortage of materials, connect the ports for a bit and let the bots yank it all in to the storage chests – then disconnect again once the chests are empty.

    That way you won't have a constant dedication of bots to the mining, but you'll have a bit of a buffer waiting for when you get a sudden increase in demand.

  2. I'm in the habit of not commenting until the end of the video in case you fix it or notice it by the end, and I was yelling at my phone: "LIQUEFY THE COAL" until you thought of it

  3. @11:12 wouldn't just using "everything" instead of "anything" make it work perfectly? as everything sums the items in each chest before comparing chest to chest, rather than anything comparing stack sizes of individual items in each chest.

  4. Isnt fixing the station to take into account multiple resources done by adding a combinator for every chest (converting everyting it to 1 signal type) and another at the decider to do the same

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