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Stronghold Very Hard

This gameplay was performed in front of a live Twitch audience. ▻ Patreon – ▻ Livestreams – ▻ Discord …



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44 thoughts on “Stronghold Very Hard”

  1. I loved this game so much, i dont now, but some games have a thing, and is not related to type or age, i have this with games like stronghold, vic2, stellaris, skyrim, so diferent, but so similar….

  2. I was never a fan of fear because it made troops less effective. Making good things meant more effective troops and higher taxes because of the popularity boosts which in turn allowed me to buy everything my lazy peasants weren't making.

  3. Well macrod sir!
    I'd love to see you macro even harder / more aggresively (even more woodcutters, placing their huts more aggresively not in front but inside the woods, not hesitating to demolish huts to move them closer to the forests etc.).

    Main resource of Stronghold isn't gold but wood – and having more of it faster can really snowball the game and keep your economy going. If you have enough food for workers & tree on the map then going full wood always work – especially as taxation rates are not linear (-2 0.6 per person, -4 0.8 per person etc.) which means thta if you want more money then getting tons of people with low taxation is clearly the way to go (+4 from food -2 from taxation and -2 fear factor for more production – including food production is definetely a way to go in the long term – but its worth noticing that you will need quite a lot of gold to invest in fear factor due to large population too).

    Stronghold 1 very hard campaing > any other Stronghold content (including Crusader). There is nothing more satisfying than macroing hard and then having to clear vastly overwhelming forces to survive.

  4. would have loved a wronghold 3 fakeout in the middle but after your success in "Beware of Trains" I can understand why you wouldn't want to ruin a good thing.

  5. Yes, crenellated walls are better because they do actually block arrows if they hit them, whereas on the gate house the crenellations dont do anything, however when they stand on the smaller crenellation they're easier to hit. Whereas on the towers they have more protection due to it harder for the enemy archers to hit them, for example they hit below or fire above them.

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