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10 EASY Ways to Know if Your Computer is Being HACKED | Chaos

10 EASY Ways to Know if Your Computer is Being HACKED Submit your Top 10 Ideas Here: Tweet me if you use my code! G2A.



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42 thoughts on “10 EASY Ways to Know if Your Computer is Being HACKED | Chaos”

  1. Warning: recently have one hacker name trap town or trap drip away comment "would you like to be you tube friend?" from youtuber and youtube user don't pin or drop heart to him just block him

    If anyone see him block him

    Name : trap town or trap drip

  2. 9:18 "And you're screwed"
    Well, if you do nothing about it you are screwed.
    What you do do, is unplug the ethernet cord, or turn off your wifi from a hardware switch, or even the modem/router.
    At the point the hacker will not have access to your computer, and you can begin to make it right by cleaning it of malware/remote desktop, etc.

  3. My webcam was enabled without me doing it. Also, my mypay bookmark I had saved was changed to a different link. I clicked on it and Kaspersky said "doctormypay" is dangerous.

    I googled mypay and found the actual website my bookmark used to take me too.

    But when I scan with Kaspersky, nothing is located.

  4. 6:40 happened to me, what should I do when I get to my Settings? It's like someone had control of my laptop tho they were opening internet tabs 100 of them and all kinds of stuff, opening I internet tabs and all kinds of stuff.

  5. My conputer is officially hacked. The clicker thing on my device thing screen moves on it’s own and viruses keep popping up today. The creepiest part of today was I was charging it then all of a sudden a guy with a hood and a gun popped on my screen

  6. Computer hacking always starts with bloatware on your system pre-installed by OEM. That's why it's always better to build your own system and install the full version of Windows where nothing is OEM.

  7. Me: hacks the hacker

    Me: get nae nae’d
    If my outlook account is gonna het hacked
    Then im pwned bc i was gonna use it to sign into xbox live
    Ecxept that its a cryptomalware, and i dont plan to store anything

    Minecraft people anyone!?

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