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DIEP.IO Game play – Let’s Play!

DIEP.IO game play – my first venture into the world of! FREE Gems in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans: 1.



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20 thoughts on “DIEP.IO Game play – Let’s Play!”

  1. what type of player are you:

    *rammer (smasher)

    *bullet spammer (any sort of rapidfire tank)

    *i got big cannon you go boom boom (inihilator)

    *the more the marrier (octotank)

    *im lazy (auto 3 or 5)

    *i see you (predator)

    *like a hawk (ranger)

    *stealthy (stalker)

    *you drones rule (anything than branches off overseer)

    *im a nooooooob (trapper)

    reply what kind of player you are:)

    i am a drone type player.

  2. LVL 45 is Max and chose reload full + bullet damage + bullet penetration + max health then five for health regen and then kill other people and get penta shot twin triple shot ok.

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