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HOW TO GET THE MOST KILLS! (.One Games) ( High score)

HOW TO GET THE MOST KILLS! In today’s we play! I stumbled across this new .one game. We try to use the best weapons to kill every player! Can we …



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32 thoughts on “HOW TO GET THE MOST KILLS! (.One Games) ( High score)”

  1. This is a guide(TF3 style)
    Anyway, I’m organizing them into classes based on their abilities and MAIN weapon. I’m also assuming you play TDM or CTF

    Medic rollout:
    I like to get the heal beam first, and then the shotgun before rolling out to the main fighting area. From here, I setup a grenade turret in a walled off area for the damage I don’t do, and setup the healing station on the opposite side.

    Scout rollout: Shotgun. Get the shotgun. From there flank behind and try to take out the sniper(if they have one) and the grenadier and rocketeer.

    Soldier rollout: get the rocket launcher(any one) and get to the main fighting area. From here rocket jump to them and cause as much havoc until either your at 75% health or run out of armor to rocket jump back out.

    Demoman rollout:
    Get one of the grenade launchers and cause havoc the same way the soldier does. Setup a grenade turret at the same place as the medic.

    Station your self so you can guard both flanks and the main fighting area(MFA)

    Heavy: max out your strength, armor, and get the shield. Use the mini gun. POINT AND CLICK AND TANK.

    Engineer: setup a rocket turret so you can punish flankers and overextending enemies(don’t use it to damage them up front) and setup a healing station opposite of the medics.

    Pyro: guard gainst spies

    Spy: go invis and kill everyone. And don’t die. And protecc ur medic.

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