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How To Download Games In 2018 | Two Simple Ways!

There are two ways on how to download games to your Windows PC. One way is downloading from the website directly and the other is using the …



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32 thoughts on “How To Download Games In 2018 | Two Simple Ways!”

  1. Hey there! This was my first time creating a tutorial, so I hope this can be helpful and easy to understand for those new to Indie games on or maybe extracting files in general. If there are any issues that you run into while trying to download games, then post them in the comments. In the meantime, if you want to see what other content I do on my channel, then start here |

  2. I tried to download two vn's named "Last Day of Spring" and "A Tavern for Tea" both by npckc. Couldn't open either of them after extracting. Pop-up said "could not execute… is it missing?" I'm confused.

  3. I did all of the steps you said but it says there should be data next to the executable, I tried to download Hot Date. It’s a game where you speed date pugs and ask them questions, I saw people playing it on YT but I never knew how to play it. Can you please tell me how to fix this? This happens with all of my files too.

    Edit: Never mind, I got it to work by using your second way, thank you for making this video, it really helped!

  4. i have a chromebook, chromebooks are boring and not for games, but will it work if i download one? I tried and kit saves it to the folder thingies, i dont know how to work those but.. eh. and theni cant play the game, i download it for nothing and it just says the title of the game and thats it. nothing else.

  5. So I have the app and when I download a winrar file it says it has an error download example Dave's microwave games when I download something from him that's mostly when my game crashes what can I do?

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