Guide & Tipsio Team Mode: Domination Gamemode ( Highlights Montage) Team Mode: Specifically Domination is where you take control of 4 zones, all of which give 3 points each to your team. From the sessions I have done, here are some Highlights from Team Mode and Domination.

Various upgrades were used.

Free Songs to use:
Everet Almond – Heist Me (Track 1)
Silent Partner – Down For Whatever (Track 4)
Ethan Meixsell – By The Sword (Track 5)

Other Music from Epidemic Sound ( (Tracks 2-3)


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26 thoughts on “ Team Mode: Domination Gamemode ( Highlights Montage)”

  1. You certainly have the potential for really good loadouts. One tip I can give you is using SMG solely for speed and dodging bullets. Speed, dash/med-kit, and kevlar work out quite well. Also, range isn't best for every class. Keep up the great work!

  2. corrupt x as the grenade plays I play this game and I did not get to play the grenade and put nothing help me please I'm from Brazil and I love your channel help me please can you answer in English I traduso I'm only 12 years old

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