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FINAL TIER! – FREE Zombie Base Defense – ZOMBS.IO Gameplay Multiplayer #6

FULL DIAMOND TIER! – FREE Zombie Base Defense – ZOMBS.IO Gameplay Multiplayer #5 Second Channel: Twitter: …



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41 thoughts on “FINAL TIER! – FREE Zombie Base Defense – ZOMBS.IO Gameplay Multiplayer #6”

  1. 1. the base attacks other players it isn't that they" are experiencing their zombie wave" it's actually attacking them 2. last time i checked the top tier spear does around 10k dmg 3. change from pickax to next thing with q 4. in the utility section of the shop is a thing called time out it gives you one free night where zombs won't attack can be bought every other night 5. there should also be a thing in the utility section that makes gold go faster for a limited time 6. buying a pet ( simply tweet them or facebook em and its free) is well worth because you can upgrade them 7. in my time playing a bow and bomb are horrible weapons 8. i recommend getting 5k wood and stone before placing a stash 9. a recommend making a way to stand next to your gold stash because when you do die you respawn ( loosing all items bout except pets) right on-top of your gold stash so you'd want a way to not get stuck on walls 10. the more people the more zombs so make sure every member has 5k stone and wood then rush with archer towers on the outside bombs on the inside and mage/ canons in between them 11. if all 4 men get a ruby spear then each can defend a singular side and call for reinforcements if needed 12. have someone focus on upgrading gold storage and nothing else i have found if we have one committed person doing it everything plays out just fine 13. if needing anymore tips please do call on me i love doing games like this (p.s. keep up the good work love your vids man)

  2. your base doesn't defend people during their nights it attacks them when they got your base, that guy you couldn't damage just spawned in and you have an invincibility buff when u first spawn

  3. Be careful with going out of your base and pissing people of, saw a guy at copper tier taking down the leader at red tier after he attacked the copper players base. All that was needed was a upgraded bow.

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