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Unboxing Winnie's Picks Paint by Number – Big Ben by Night

Hi, crafting friends! I succumbed to temptation and purchased this paint by number after seeing an unboxing on Rachel Rae’s channel – what have I done?!? Ha!

Here is a link to Winnie’s Picks if you would like to give in to temptation with me:

And here is a link to an awesome channel that makes paint by number look like “real” art. Painty Kat is amazing!

Happy crafting!!


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6 thoughts on “Unboxing Winnie's Picks Paint by Number – Big Ben by Night”

  1. Love love love your videos! Just recently found your channel and have been binge watching! I just ordered a dp from Amazon (coming from China I think) for the #drillsandchills. I hope it arrives in time and that I can participate. Sounds like so much fun and I just love you and Robyn. Looking forward to more of your videos!

  2. only ever had at a go at this once and the paint was so runny it was really hard to use, so I gave up , so will be interested to see what the paint is like in this kit tfs hugs Cal x

  3. Ohmygosh–you've got to be kidding me–the painting areas are SO TINY!! Well, lots of good luck on this one..I do love your choice of picture a lot..(no no no Julirose!!! Walk away from this screen..just walk away!! ;000)hugs, Julierose

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