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Top 5 Uses of WD40 in Your Car (Life Hacks)

Top 5 uses of WD40 in your car, life hacks with Scotty Kilmer. WD-40: How to use WD-40 to fix common problems in your car.



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41 thoughts on “Top 5 Uses of WD40 in Your Car (Life Hacks)”

  1. I just sprayed my fridge's hinges with it. It was squeaking so loud that I woke up the neighbors every time I went for a sip. Now I stay hydrated and the neighbors stay unaware of my nightly fridge visits. But they'll know…. they'll know I used the precious.

  2. Can you spray it in electrical connections that got muddy?
    I don't have fender Wells on my 08 honda fit so dirt gets up to the headlights.
    Can I spray it in the female connections?
    I cleaned the male connections on the bulbs themselves.

  3. I tried WD40 on my chain link fence gate master locks, THEY FROZE WHEN THE TEMPERATURE DROPPED BELOW FREEZING. Worked great in the summer time, Now I use spray graphite, NO PROBLEMS EVER. Also use on my arthritis & it works great on my hands, knees ?

  4. If you live in northern parts of the world, NEVER put wd 40 in your cars locks, just today found out it really clogs them up, had to warm up my key with a lighter all while making the kids wait in the cold. Dont do it

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