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Hack Hotel, Airplane & Coffee Shop Hotspots for Free Wi-Fi with MAC Spoofing

Use Someone Else’s MAC Address to Access Wi-Fi Full Tutorial: Subscribe to Null Byte: Tool: …



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31 thoughts on “Hack Hotel, Airplane & Coffee Shop Hotspots for Free Wi-Fi with MAC Spoofing”

  1. Sir if i change the Mac address of my Wlan0 to the Mac address which is already associated with the open network, after changing there wil be a Two Devices with same Mac Address in the Network its doesnt Conflict in the network?

  2. Heres an interesting penetration testing framework called QWERTY. It's for the most part cross platform, but I am looking for developers, typically python developers, to join our team and help build on to. It's focus is to include original exploits made by our team that are unconventional enough to not even be seen by antivirus. It will also include the more conventional exploits down the road, but like i said, we need developers.

  3. can someone tell me more about the whole IP collision in this scenario and the denial service attack? He talked about the severity of it but not really how to avoid it. It was a great video and super helpful just a question out of curiosity from a newbie!

  4. You need to kick the first mac address off the network so you can connect with the same and hope your hotel room is closer to the access point than yours because most access points use the strongest signal first

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