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Whistle Stop Factorio Ep 23: RED CIRCUITS COMING ONLINE – Mod Spotlight, Let’s Play, Gameplay

Join me as I explore this fun new mod that encourages rail building, and decentralized factories! Mod download link: … .



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18 thoughts on “Whistle Stop Factorio Ep 23: RED CIRCUITS COMING ONLINE – Mod Spotlight, Let’s Play, Gameplay”

  1. Am I the only one who noticed that the refinary was sitting like a dead fish? I think that your heavy oil cought up to you.
    Also, You MAY be overproducing copper cable. Considering that a single cable machien can sustain 6 RC machines…

  2. KoS, you probably already thought of this, but you might want to configure your refueling stations to be "off" until they need more fuel. No point refueling almost full stations!

  3. Wouldn't it be a good idea to replace the blue inserters with stack inserters at stations? That way the train can get unloaded quicker and be on its way to go get more items while the boxes empty. Same thing with loading. The RC will be waiting for the GC a lot I think.

  4. You can copy the colour of train stations to trains and vice versa by shift left clicking shift right clicking. It's also great for copying the color of a station or train without copying the name

  5. Lovely Red Circuits! Been looking forward to this for a while! =D Very satisfying to see them dancing down the line out of the giant factory and made ready for use in the next stages of advancement!

  6. KoS did you try the logistic train network mod? It makes trains super smart and adds a whole other lvl to handling your train network for better efficiency. Would be interesting if you used that.

  7. Regarding your escape key.
    Your CTRL key might be stuck by something (either software or hardware related) as CTRL + ESC is basically the same as pressing the windows key
    Is sticky keys disabled?

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