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Documentary exposes renewables 'great betrayal' to green left

A new film has put the “fear of God” into the Left, exposing renewables as “anything but green”, Outsiders host Rowan Dean says. Mr Dean said the …



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47 thoughts on “Documentary exposes renewables 'great betrayal' to green left”

  1. The way host put it is not true it’s much better just 1 coal power plant burn that power plant and millions of cars still not perfect but 30 is better than 0.

  2. What coal-fired crap. Wonder which fossil fuel company paid for this?
    "Why haven't you heard more about it?" Because it's crap, just like this
    channel. It's full of 15-year-old film footage, half-truths, and
    disinformation. The only accurate thing is that biomass is a bad idea,
    but even got Bill McKibben's stand on it wrong wrong.




  3. Can someone help me understand this?
    If ALL humanity is facing existential threat, meaning ALL of us will be dead, if we don't do something abt global warming, what actually do we have to lose? After all, ALL of us will be gone, as if we never existed. No one loses, and no one gains, so what's the fear? Assuming some of us will leave, then we will feel the psychological pain that our actions have allowed some people to lose their lives, but if all of us perish who will blame who? Nobody!

  4. I have seen the Moore film and it is FULL of factual errors. Like concluding based on info from 2005 and 2010. These old "facts" do NIT reflect the status in 2020. And the Ivanpah is not photovoltaics but consentrated solar, and is no longer started using fossil fuel like the movie claims. And solar and wind is both recyclable. And it takes only Months for solar and wind to pay back ALL energy to make the plants. I do agree on biofuel and biomass. It is not sustainable in the long run. But solar is an absolute winner. And electric cars are good even in a grid fueled with coal, ref the SMOG in our large cities.

  5. Renewable Energy needs subsidies to be built and installed, while promising us cheaper electricity. But we all know that Renewable Energy is unreliable and more expensive than power from Coal and Nuclear. Countries like America and Hungary with Coal and Nuclear power have cheap electricity. While places like South Australia with nearly 50% renewable energy has about the highest electricity costs in the world.

  6. CO2 bad….oxygen good…..humans release CO2…..plants release oxygen….they want to decrease conserve energy and save the planet……yet they want to use up the make energy……for who?……or what….?
    The longtime leaders of this movement are narcissistically asinine. Each move they now make is becoming more transparent every day.
    Our CO2 levels aren't even close to where they were , in the dinosaur age, when plant production was exponentially higher than now. And life was abundtant.
    Just a lot of false science pimps using their lies to gain rotting wealth.

  7. The film hits the nail on the head, way way way too many people on this planet. If I were religious, I would think God had introduced Covid-19 .

  8. Yes according to the Greedies all we have to do is buy international carbon credits and we will meet our obligations to the fraudulent Paris agreement, how stupid can we be???

  9. There is no Global Warming only Ozone Layer Depletion. The Ozone Layer ( blue sky ) is what protects all life on Earth from the intense heat and harmful rays of the Sun. It also stops the extreme freezing temperatures from entering the Earths atmosphere. The Ozone Layer is been destroyed and is thinning at an alarming rate. The recent bush fires and the freezing up of Niagra Falls are symptoms of Ozone Layer Depletion. The bush fires in Australia this year will far worse than last time. Forget Global Warming, Ozone Layer Depletion really is the end of the World.

  10. On average, a solar panel generates 26 units of solar energy for every unit of fossil energy required to build and install it. For wind turbines the ratio is 44 to one.
    And the gas plant? It’s not in Germany. MM filmed it in Turkey. He lied.

  11. Put together a hack job of a documentary with some footage taken 10 years ago and some even 15, cherry pick some of the worst cases of dodgy environmentalism,
    slap Michael Moore's droney voice on it and you have a hit.

  12. I remember when I was in high school in the early 70's and Paul Ehrlich's Population Bomb was all the rage. Ehrlich prophesied the end of civilization by the year 2000. Paul has also prophesied the end of the world due to climate change.

    Also, at that time, Rachel Carson's hysteria got DDT banned. DDT was never proven to harm anything but bugs – and now about 650,000 children die each year because of the ban.

    I remember'74, the "Acid Rain Worriers" said that acid rain would basically erode the structures of civilization within 30 years. There was even a headline, "How Will Europe Save Ancient Structures From Acid Rain?" The article lamented that all the old ruins, statues and structures would simply dissolve into goo.

    By 1978 the climate worriers were proclaiming an impending Ice Age due to "Global Cooling". I even have old copies of National Geographic and Discover that foretold of an impending "deep freeze".

    Later, Greens fretted over the Spotted Owl and destroyed our lumber industry. Soon, the Greens quickly forgot about the Spotted Owl and jumped to "holes in the ozone" caused by freon, causing the price of air conditioners and refers to go up.

    In 1989 the "Great Alar Scare" promoted by dingbat Meryl Streep and Phil Donahue started a national panic and Congressional Hearings. After dozens of farmers went bankrupt and millions spent, they found it was just nonsense.

    10 years ago, "green scientists" thought ethanol was great. The consensus was in and the debate was over. Now we know that ethanol production not only increases so called "green house gas" and increases the price of fuel, shortens the life of engines, and most importantly, means that we are burning "food" while people starve. Now the farmers are hooked, and so the green charade continues.

  13. And all those ass holes know very well that there is real free energy in our own planet, using the electromagnetic properties that the planet naturally produces, what do you think flying saucers run on? ….fossil fuels. …don't be stupid.

  14. Green energy is a complete sham. The only reason that there are solar panels on houses are THE TAX BREAKS. Take away the tax breaks and no one would have them

  15. i knew all of this just not the extent it has been taken too..what always surprised me is that EDUCATED PEOPLE actually believed in this "green energy" total bullshit..

  16. Wow just read through the comments… now I know where all the angry white guys go to have their brain cells die on the other side of the world.

    Hey Sky New Australia so you're not into fact checking then!?!

    The only parts that survive fact checking is the Bio Fuel scam, over population and Palm industry destroying large areas of forest all around the equator.

    That's it!
    All the rest is either very selective editing, data so old to be of any use… or in a lot of cases both.

    To be honest I will be impressed if anyone at Sky watched all the film, it took me several attempts as it was soooo depressing with no attempt at showing the way out and up side of the new technologies.
    Reading the comments i get the impression it is so popular here is because facts are secondary to the political argument. Not one of those green people just a fan of technology and science, which is why I had to think twice about posting here as neither seem to have a place on this news outlet.

  17. The best 9 mins of accurate reporting on climate change I’ve ever seen. Nuclear power is the only way but because it’s everlasting, these cretins driving yet another hoax won’t profit.

  18. There are always 2 sides to every argument, both should be heard, ever wondered why the BBC in the UK only EVER! give one side, they are a huge propaganda machine being paid to state whatever by whoever pays the highest, they run programs telling us how bad fake news is & yet they captain the ship of fake news!

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    I posted this verse, John 14:12, from 2 Bibles to show that the Bible is from God, and not from men. ALL Bibles contain the Truth, but that does not mean that all Bibles are clear and understandable, especially when they are written and reprinted in a dead language such as Olde English.

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  20. This guys critique is pure balderdash. He is the hoax, and a corporate stooge. No… pour billions of tons of burned fuel fumes into the atmosphere and it does nothing to the planet.

  21. Daimler-Benz is ending production of hydrogen vehicles???!!! Gawlllleeeee! George W Bush, who enjoyed heating up the planet by immolating hundreds of thousands of people, starting in NY, NY and spreading over to Iraq, not to mention giving us his gift of Brokeback Odumbo, pontificated that hydrogen cars were the wave of the future. How could such a brain-dead jerkoff be so wrong?

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