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How to fix the lag in || Or Any Other Voodoo Game

To reduce the lag, you have to turn off your wifi connection because it stops the ads that are causing the lag to function. Snap : Karimos122 Insta: Pocahe.



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16 thoughts on “How to fix the lag in || Or Any Other Voodoo Game”

  1. Cool.The thing is,on my devise i play this game on,it recently updated with some other apps but it stops a few seconds i play the "battle royal" mode and all modes don't allow me to swallow things.And the "Eat 100% of the map" mode,it already sized me up and yet again won't let me swallow things.It won't let me do things properly and this game has been my fave for a long time.I want to fix it please help me.

  2. Ima save you $hit load of time TURN OFF WIFI that’s it and it still doesn’t work. I have NOT ONCE hit max size. I am always first against the bots (NOT OTHER PLAYERS) they are bots, I have unlocked everything besides max size pig and one for hole, hole for one for I can’t use the pig to unlock the hole for one by playing with all holes to unlock.

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