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AlexELEC: Amlogic S805 and S812 Android TV Box KODI 18 Leia Update Tutorial

Huge update for the old S805 and S812 Amlogic SOC’s. You can now run the very latest version of KODI Media center on these boxes. Need to translate this site …



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26 thoughts on “AlexELEC: Amlogic S805 and S812 Android TV Box KODI 18 Leia Update Tutorial”

  1. after doing this when i dont get the alec screen its goes to a robot with some options to rest system but in under the robot it says no command and i cannot choose a option.

  2. Hello MXQ PORJECT, I have an question, will this image only install Kodi Leia only on to my tv box and will not affect any of my apps on my mxq s805 tv box…?

  3. Everything works fine until I click to change the language from Russian to English, it suddenly freezes. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening?

  4. Hello. I have a mxiii-g TV box with the s812 and I have install the Alexelec to my SD card. Everything seems working fine but I have a problem, when I turn off the TV box then I can't turning on again. I have to take out the power cable and put it back again so it's turn in on again. Is there anyway to fix this ?

  5. My MXQ box looks identical externally to the one in this video – but I'm getting odd v slow system and hangs with the 1st three firmware from the github site – is there any way of knowing which to use ??

  6. Hello friend, i got only the S812.KII image running on my m8s+ 1gb/8gb device, only wifi driver is not found that's not a problem for me. thanks

  7. new to the channel, my M8S+ 2gb/8gb runs kodi 18.2 no probs but it spent a year in it's box as it would not run kodi 17 smoothly lol, it even runs a cabled game controller!, great box.

  8. Hi. Success. Thanks. A word of caution, I had bought recently SD Card reader via USB stick. Brand new and would not fully download image. Went to an old pc which had SD slot. Download was swift and worked perfectly.

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