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NFS Prostreet Ep 30 – Magic Bumper/Get Me out of the Desert | SLAPTrain

Make sure you guys SLAP that LIKE button for Faster Eps 🙂 Hey guys if you want a setup like mine visit Thrustmasters website here and get yours …



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23 thoughts on “NFS Prostreet Ep 30 – Magic Bumper/Get Me out of the Desert | SLAPTrain”

  1. Oh. And if you ever go and do another pro street let's play. The 'vette Z06 is just a killer in the top speed challenges with everything upgraded. I could keep it flat in the corners and still be able to keep it under control. But yea. The Nevada Desert takes no prisoners.

  2. Who thinks NFS should make a NFS rivals combined with the customizable features especially the auto sculpt in prostreet if they do Boy i dont care whats gonna be the price im gonna buy it hands down

    Also at 20:35 look at the left and look at Ivans score ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  3. Slap, I know that this is a bit late but use the Mazda RX-8 for drift. It doesn't need much upgrades and no tuning is required and I score about 1,000-5,000. 😀

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