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Scumbag Hacker Exposed – Rainbow Six Siege

Level 35 player starts off the match by losing 2 rounds in a row with a 0-2 k/d. When he is the last player alive in the last round, he proceeds to ace the enemy …



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24 thoughts on “Scumbag Hacker Exposed – Rainbow Six Siege”

  1. You can tell hes not legit, not because of the 1v5 but because of how bad his gameplay is. People just dont get really good at game sense and stay horrible at movement/ cross hair placement. Its so easy to spot hackers by looking at them play normally. Guy Fuckin looks like a drunk granny trying to play video games for the first time

  2. Okay hold on not to says hes not a cheater or anything but in the replay i was able to hear his foot steps when he jumped into the window i play this game as well and thou i might not be pro league good I would still turn and if i dont seen anyone there ofc ima shoot through the wall i mean wouldn't you dont forget this game is based off sound and communication but other than that kill You can see him shoot through the piller on his final kill

  3. 6:07 you are loud as fuck when you Jump in from a Window he was cheating but still almost everything in this Video would be done by any player that knows what he is doing even gold Players Can easily do that nowadays

  4. at most he is scripting, his headshots were pretty on point, but everything else is pretty ligit, he doesn’t have to stare at you to know where you are, you make a loud thump coming threw the window and her heard that a predicted you to be running along the wall, he’s a good player but there is always the possibility he was cheating

  5. 6:06 Theres something called having ears…he heard him jump in…he is a cheater but u can't make that a reason when it is possible to know someone jumped in without looking there.

  6. You wasn’t exactly quiet when vaulting through the window any normal person would of sprayed the wall but still you’ve got a point it doesn’t look legit at all

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