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Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Part 5 Stealing A Movie Car! Racist Vehicle!!!

Watch Dogs 2 (stylized as WATCH_DOGS2) is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.



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23 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Part 5 Stealing A Movie Car! Racist Vehicle!!!”

  1. the next Watch_Dogs 3 that the next one would happen in Warsaw or Krakow

    that the hero of the next part

    is a hacker living in Poland

    which is to aim for a super futuristic Warsaw or Krakow. as for Warsaw in Poland, these are very interesting cities, one of a kind that tyrants stood 75 years ago

    adolf Hitler and so the Warsaw Uprising broke out so the city deserves to be immortalized in the game

    I assure Poles that they are fed up with watching cities from America

    because it's not their city

  2. are you kidding me? this took me 5 attempts and if I pulled what you pulled the cops and helicopter would spot me, even if I was out in the middle of nowhere with no street lamp..

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