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Factorio Earth Science Madness EP3: SO MUCH SPAGHETTI! | Multiplayer Gameplay, Lets Play

We are back with the old original crew in Factorio! Joined by ColonelWill, Madzuri, Mojo, and JD-Plays, we start one of our most grueling challenges yet. .



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20 thoughts on “Factorio Earth Science Madness EP3: SO MUCH SPAGHETTI! | Multiplayer Gameplay, Lets Play”

  1. I love factorio. I started playing it when I was in school. I loved its repetetive nature. In my very stress filled life in school, my brain constantly going a mile a minute, I loved being able to shut my brain off for a while to end the day. And I didn't mind wasting 8 hours in front of it because the rest of my life was basically at a halt until I graduated. But now that I graduated and have a career I still love the game but when I play it I feel like I'm just wasting time, like I should be doing more important things with my time now that I'm in the real world.

  2. It takes forever to get to trains dont expect to get to trains within the first 24 hours of the server. I spawned in a few things like robots and max tier assemblers at the start and it still took 30+ hours on my own. I know i probably should have said this on the first episode but i forgotalso by the time you get to science pack 10/12 things should be running a lot smoother and be a lot easier. I also have darkmatter replicators which has helped a lot with iron and other shortages so it will be extremely hard to get to a stable and consistant point for you guys

  3. Why are you guys taking coal all the way out to the left and then back in to the right in the smelter rows? you know you are going to keep adding more rows eventually right? just put the coal in from the right, its shorter and easier to extend.

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