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शीशे,कंघे,ब्रा,पैंटी, कॉस्मेटिक,ज्वेलरी Comb,Mirror,Jewellery Wholesale Market Sadar Bazar Delhi

I am mohit sharma welcome to our youtube channel Ride with us
About This Video..
Shop Name-Khushi General Store

Add:-building no12/13 first floor qutub road chowk sadar bazar delhi-6

call for order-9110091658,9667741916

Dosto aj m apko leke aya hu Sadra Bazar Apko yha
Faicial Kits,Nail Paint,Hai Spa Cream Or jewellery
factory price M milegi To ap yha se purchase kr skte h
wholesale rate par
For Any Business Inquiry Or Sponsorship
you Want Promote Your Shop Or Business
Phn No-9717314703

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Thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching!


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