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ZOMBS.io – The Mage Only Challenge – Mage Tower – Highest Wave?

Let’s bring on another challenge, known as the Mage Only challenge. That’s all there is to it. What’s the highest wave I reached? Note: One time I placed a …



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20 thoughts on “ZOMBS.io – The Mage Only Challenge – Mage Tower – Highest Wave?”

  1. here a story

    there's was a man name X who adventures,help people n fans,even harmless animal he was a good person until one day he got ambush by he dark army X fight to the dead! he defeat them all until he got hit by a dark mage.
    The dark n evil magic corrupt X he turn evil as the dark mage run n after the magic is sun corrupt x killed the dark mage,very people Corrupt X see he kills even the ones want to kill him,his fan n friends he ignore them as for his fan that follow him secretly n every fan the bother corrupt x they get killed… n this day forward he kills n hunt every people he sees

    -Old man's story
    hope u like it 😛

  2. Hi Corrupt X! U are the best io youtuber I've seen and this is no joke! Although iXplode and iStealth are better zombs.io players but you have your speciality too! Moomoo.io
    I am a big fan and I really hope I can get a shoutout by a youtuber soon !

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