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Body Painted Waitress PRANK

I body painted a waitress at a restaurant to surprise people she serves. We filmed it hidden camera style and no one noticed until she got right up close to them. The reactions are hilarious!

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31 thoughts on “Body Painted Waitress PRANK”

  1. Aside from all the people speaking with male privilege here can we just talk about the woman on the left at 2minute 50seconds who non consensually touches her…wtf..awkward, this is really shitting no matter the gender that does it…

  2. 11/2/2019……………….

    I realize that this location is a "clothing required" location, but at nudist resorts and campgrounds she would be topless but unpainted. She would have to keep her pelvic area covered by a sufficient amount of clothing for sanitary reasons, but waitresses at the nudist resorts in Florida, California, France, and a few other European countries work topless and unpainted. In some of the massage rooms the masseuse is also nude while working on the client.

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