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DeSean Jackson Battles Darius Slay In Practice…D-Jax Looked Great | Who Won? And What Does It Mean

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31 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Battles Darius Slay In Practice…D-Jax Looked Great | Who Won? And What Does It Mean”

  1. The Eagles will win the NFC East because last year had they had the receivers they will have this year they would have finished 12-4 (Falcons, Lions and Patriots) but their receivers dropped the Football. Wentz should’ve ended his rookie season 13-3 (Lions, Cowboys, Giants, Seahawks, Redskins and Ravens) but his receivers dropped the football ran inside when they should have run outside because the safety was inside (Giants), didn’t drag his foot to catch a TD (Redskins). That tells me that Wentz just needs average play from his receivers to have an excellent season. Secondly the Eagles runs through Ertz, if Ertz has a good game the Eagles usually win and every DCs know it the difference between last year and the year before that and the 2017 Eagles is that their speedster was lost for the season week 2 (in 2018 Mike Wallace, in 2019 Desean Jackson) which allowed DCs to double cover Ertz, this season DCs won’t be able to double Ertz because the Eagles have 4 speedster (Jackson, Reagor, Watkins and Hightower) you: 3 of them are rookies, me: look at Torrey Smith stats in 2017 they were not impressive but he was one of the most important players on the team because his speed kept defenses honest and opened the field for Ertz now they have 4 speedster which tells me that they probably won’t lose them all which will keep defenses honest and DCs won’t be able to double Ertz. Thirdly the Eagles built through the trenches and got 2 first round picks at tackle (Johnson and Dillard) who were both coached by Peters and the last time Griffin played against a player that was coached by Peters the Eagles won the game 38-7 (Halapoulivaati Vaitai). They also have Kelce, Peters and Seumalo to man the interior, the Cowboys meanwhile lost Frederick and they will play a 3 men DT (Cox, Hargrave and Jackson). Finally the Eagles got the best nickel in the league in Nickell Robey Coleman he will man to man the 4.5 40 Lamb and Slay who will man to man Cooper (friendly reminder he only allowed 3 catches when the Cowboys faced the Lions and it was with a bad DL now he has a good one) and they will double cover Gallup probably Jones and McLeod

  2. You ain't going to moonwalk anybody have you seen the additions we just made to our defensive line Everson Griffen Gerald McCoy dontari Poe Demarcus Lawrence and not to mention Aldon Smith is doing very well so far and Randy Gregory and Tristan Hill another one doing very well hold your horses Philly

  3. Hey philly.500 desean I think will have a monster year and Darius slay I don't think will disappoint. but I look at the history of this division and I think the giants could be a dark horse. not saying the giants will def win the div, but you look at how they played the eagles in both games last season; yes the eagles have had the giants number in recent years, but even with us sweeping the giants the past three seasons, most of the games always seem to come down to the wire and while I don't think the giants are necessarily a great team; they are a nice up and coming team. its just a matter of the giants being consistent.

    There's no question that consistency and playing down to their competition have been issues the eagles have had since their SB victory vs. NE, but if healthy roster is present and if Wentz can duplicate the individual success he had in 2017 before getting injured the eagles will be fine. I obviously want the eagles to win every game of course, I love 'em like a brother, but I know realistically they're probably gonna hover around 9-7 or 10-6. 11-5 would be wishful thinking but their schedule is tough on paper. Unless if the QBs of the meat of their schedule go down or have subpar seasons. I would not wish that on Russell Wilson of course, he's such a good guy and great athlete, but Aaron Rodgers has been a bit of a simp these past few seasons. he has character issues and he hasn't been as impressive as he's been in the past but can still be a pest. I don't respect Drew Brees as much as I used to either considering how he criticized his teammates protesting.

    The seahawks, packers, and saints could be the games that decide the eagles fate more than the division games. even if we are better than teams like the giants on paper, still…it will come down to health and how well certain teams start off in the midst of this pandemic with no preseason games and lack of real live action. Football could be very sloppy this year, but that doesn't ruin the anticipation for me. It will be interesting to see how Andy Reid, Pat Mahomes and the chiefs come out in the opening game. Texans could realistically win that game, considering that revenge will be on their minds. If they go up 24-0 this time, they probably won't lose. But then again it is the Houston Texans after all, lol. As for the chiefs; they def will be good again. Real good.

    And the patriots…probably won't be the same without Brady.

    Speaking of Tom Brady, I could see him, Bruce Arians and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the division at 10-6 as the no. 3 seed or something. I think the seahawks will be the no. 1 seed and green bay as the 2 seed. As for the rest of the NFC, we'll see what happens…I don't think the 49ers will duplicate what they did last year but they def will be in contention, at least as a wild card team or something….. I do like Jimmy G. an awful lot though. Def a good QB. Maybe not great, but reliable and productive.

  4. Slay isn’t putting pressure on Djax in practice, he is more just going over the routes. I wouldn’t worry about that. When they are at full speed I’m positive slay will be a problem for receivers.

  5. It’s not even a real competition. One on one the receiver will win 90 percent of the time. No linebacker help on the inside no safety over top……it’s not realistic. Slay would win most battles in a real game.

  6. He pressed him and got beat. Credit to DJax with great hand work to not get pressed and Speed is just still electric. Point blank when Jackson is healthy he's so quick that is a good sign. Slay honestly im more nervous bcuz quick recievers burn him everytime. Good news is only Terry McLaughlin is the only 1 in the division. And you can't throw with ur qb on the ground.

  7. Our offense is going to be so fast Mark Holmes going to cry Marc Anthony is going to be like where is the fitness nooooooo! and the Eagles are going to be do be do in like double moon walk backwards all day long they're going to be so bored they going to be like Philly 500 probably come take care of my light work booyah

  8. fans also need to realize theres no safety up top, slay hasnt taken a rep in 8 months, desean can burn anyone, and we knnow sly can lock down big recievers like pooper so we all good yall. les gooo

  9. D Jax is a push away from being out for the year please we ain’t scared what y’all need to worry about is those Those Three headed monsters you’ll be playing twice a year at WR!!!We them Boys!!!!

  10. Lol have fun with your "new" Toy
    I've seen it over the years. Home boy had lost a step n half of speed, slower and more sloppy back peddling. Just overall more sluggish play. Sorry boys you got a burnt out player on the end of his prime

  11. Dallas doesn’t have a single player on defense that can keep up with DJax speed. In this offense, DeSean Jackson should command a double team at all times…..because he can literally score on the very next play! The threat of that alone is one thing, but when you add in these young guns….Reagor, Watkins, Hightower and Ward…..DBs can’t play everybody. Add in the skill sets of Ertz, Goddert Sanders, Clement.

    All these weapons are available to use by not just any QB…..We talking about the North Dakota Assassin!

    This offense could light the league up!!

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